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Open Cast Molding

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Open cast molding is a technique used for casting polyurethane in resin form.

This method is cost effective for short run purposes, with respect to injection molding etc.

The polyol crosslink is formed chemically, which makes it non-recyclable.

Polyurethane can be bonded to metal, with the aid of primer, specially formulated for this purpose.

The material properties is very broad, and specialized, please enquire for more information regarding material properties and applications.

In a short summary, the SHORE A range polymers is the rubber characteristic family, where the SHORE D range, refer to a more rigid nylon type polyurethane.

We have explored the world of uv coatings, which adds uv stability to the final product. This top coating is n thin outer surface, which is brushed onto the mold cavity.

A foodgrade polymer has also been added to the broad range of elastomer family, a certificate of conformance is available on request.

Open Cast Molding Examples