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CNC Milling & Turning

CNC Milling & Turning service image

For specific design requirements where micron metres and surface roughness average is of concern.

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Research & Development

Research & Development service image

Research and development is the first step in the engineering field, for making an idea, a reality.

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Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Forming service image

Equipped with hydraulic power of up to 100 ton, we are capable of form/bending sheet-and stock extrusions into any shape imaginable.

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Beadblasting service image

Equipped with 900x600x500mm high tanker, we can treat the workpiece with aluminium oxide, and glass medium.

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Open Cast Molding

Open Cast Molding service image

Open cast molding is a technique used for casting polyurethane in resin form.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering service image

With the aid of CAD software, we are capable of measuring an existing sample/part, and applying dimensions to the manufacturing drawing.

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Sheetmetal Fabrication

Sheetmetal Fabrication service image

With the aid of CAD software, 3d part can be designed in a sheetmetal environment, developing the flat pattern automatically.

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Welding service image

We have a wide range of welding services available including: MIG, TIG, ARC, GAS, ALUMINIUM, SPOT WELD, ROTARY MIG, etc.

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CNC Sawing

CNC Sawing service image

With the help of the CNC Kasto automated band saw, setup time as well as workflow efficiency is improved.

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3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping service image

Rapid prototyping from 3D CAD drawings to develop accurate ABS models to scale.

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